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My name is George Krallis and I was born in a beautiful Greek town called Halkida. In 1999 i studied Graphic Design in Thessaloniki, and by the end of my studies i had become interested in 3D art. As a motivated self-trained artist i've learned several 3D modeling and landscape generating applications, including Vue, 3ds max and ZBrush.

I've also developed professional skills in Photoshop and After Effects.


Currently i live in Xanthi, Greece, where i manage my own company called Natural CMYK focusing on graphic design and i also work as a freelance 3d artist for films and games.


I'm also the co-founder of Polygnome, a team of experienced and talented people that provide high quality cinematography - 3D animations - products and locations photography and cinematography - sound design and custom music compositions.


I've won several awards given by E-on Software, CG Society and other art sharing sites.

I have also won fuctART Magazine competition called “The meaning of the word ‘time’”, evermotion challenge 2014 and many of  my works have been featured in 3D Artist magazine.


In 2012 i joined D&D Creations as a 3D Modeler and recently i have joined Asitis as a VFX supervisor. Asitis is established in Lebanon and It's a group of passionate professional artists from all around the world, focusing on the digital art field.

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